The Bourne

The Bourne was a project

that my father and I decided to tackle together.  When he bought the condo in August of 2015, we knew we were in for the long haul.  The place consisted of fairly recent construction, but the details were outdated.  Ergo, the project lasted a total of two years due to time and finances.  In other words, we were on a budget and working a full time job/going to school, attempting to complete a gut renovation whilst living in it.

I grew up around construction my whole life, as my dad was a self-taught handyman who worked for painting companies and contractors during his previous years.  He taught me most of what I know about construction, but this project was a big design approach for me.  I had never fully involved myself with a project that required this amount of decision-making.  What colors are the doorknobs going to be? Should the countertop be flush or have a 1 ยผโ€ overhang?  What should we choose for a rug?  It was tiresome, often redundant and repetitive at times, but it taught me how to learn from my mistakes and move forward with a better approach for the next project.  I am forever thankful, as this project really encouraged my approach to a career in interior design.

I want to start by stating this project was a flip, so the decorating did not incorporate luxury materials.  We designed with a budget to the best of our ability, while keeping the architectural details refreshing, and the decorating details simple.  My dad wanted transitional and clean, so we did our best to manage that idea.